Claudia's Tripe stew

Claudia's trippa- tripe stew

Time 1 hour and 30 min.
With pressure cooker only 40 minutes.
Ingredients for two people
500g of tripe thick and thin pieces
1 small onion
1 clove of garlic
Extra virgin olive oil
2 bay leaves
4/5 pieces of cherry tomatoes
Celery, Parsley
Sea salt
1 lemon
1 carote

What you need
1 large saucepan or pressure cooker
1 colander to wash and drain the tripe
1 ladle
2 Wooden spoons
My mother was a great cook and she taught me how to cook these recipes which are traditional but personalized by her.
She taught me that every recipe needs to be cooked with love and passion, only in this way a good result can be attained.