Our Projects

Claudia's PizzaPanz

It is my desire to give you a way of preparing authentic receipes, based on ideas that originate from the Puglia  region.

I am sure you will appreciate the originality of this idea and recognize the value of using low cost natural products that come from the local area of the Puglia  region.

My first advice would be to try our locally produced Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Wines to accompany the food.

I am offering a food tasting service in Pubs, Bars and Restaurants. Traditional music may also available and might be arranged to add an authentic and dynamic touch to the experience.

My cookery lessons can be experienced at first hand and show in a practical way how my mother personalized simple Italian dishes using seasonal ingredients. Up until now these have been a guarded secret that have been kept within families for generations.

Please contact me to discuss my project.

Second project

I would like to open a shop in England where I can cook the dishes of Puglia and sell the products of the companies that produce extra virgin olive oil, wine, pasta, etc., I would like to do cooking classes to teach people how to cook with economically and with healthy products. This project I would like to franchise around the world. It would bring the Puglia region advertising and create employment.