About Me

Hello my name is Claudia, I’m fifty years old and I live in London UK with my daughter. I enjoy promoting healthy food from our region. In the photograph you can see me in front of my great-grandmothers’ trulli house. I hope you enjoy reading my suggestions for healthy and economic dishes.

                                                                         The Idea              

My idea consists of making available Italian cooking from the region of Puglia in southern Italy. The recipes are easy, healthy, delicious, quick and economical and have been used for hundreds of years helping the survival of many people during past economic crises and large families with a poor income. By using this method of food preparation and cooking it has been proved that well balanced meals and snacks can be attained at a low cost with beneficial and excellent results. You can find useful advice about how to find and organise the required ingredients to have at hand to put together a wonderful, quick, and nutritious meal and also handy snacks for adults and children. You can visit my web-site for information about menus and videos.